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April showers bring... lots of cover for nesting!

Breeding season is upon us. In some ways it signals the start of the next pheasant hunting season. The upcoming hatch will be the colorful cocks, cackling out of the lush cover of CRP, desperately trying to out fly a flurry of small deadly steel BB's hell bent on bringing them to their death. Well, that was my attempt at creative writing.

An update on the birds around here is real good. Spring is shaping up nicely. The snow melted nice and slow soaking into the ground, providing a good start to this year nesting grounds. There is even still some corn sitting in fields, continuing to provide food for the birds. Hopefully, we can see some nice big rooster tails this fall with all the extra corn feeding going! Corn fed and tail length probably have nothing to do with each other, but a guy can hope!

Well that sums up my thoughts for today. Hopefully my blabbering and the thought of shooting roosters can bring you a little bit of happiness in these tough times.

Till next time!

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